40 Days, No Meat Challenge 

On Feb 28 My friend and I decided that as of March 1st we would challenge ourselves  by not consuming poultry nor red meat for 40 days. 

Today marks 30 days since I last consumed it. Omg! I’m soooo proud of myself. This is a big deal to me because if this challenge hasn’t taught me anything it most certainly taught me the power of self control and how to eat healthy and in moderate portions. 

To be honest , it was never easy at first, there were times I felt like I would seriously quit, head to KFC order the usual 2 piece spicey thigh, leg and a biscuit and call it a day. But I didn’t, I pushed through the pain, because I made a promise to myself and I’m sticking to it. 

People ask me on my Instagram all the time what do I do, what do I eat because I work out very hard and I’m not sure if most of you know but it takes a high protein diet to lose weight and build lean muscle.  I replace the lack of meat with fish, quinoa, eggs, beans, flaxseeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sardines, tuna, just to name a few.  I think I’ll get deeper into that with another post. 

I believe at times we should challenge ourselves, decide on something and see it through. I’m not perfect at all, I mess up as an adult but I never ever give up on myself.  You shouldn’t either. 

Below are a few pics 

Photo credit: Lauren Jade Holland 

Xoxo Skay 


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