Summer16’x Boohoo Swimwear 

Summer16’x Boohoo Swimwear 

What’s up my people! 

Summer is slowly coming to an end and ofcourse there’s no perfect summer unless you go to the beach, river or something! I went on a little trip over the weekend and I got to say, I had a whale of a time. 

This swimwear I wore got so much attention. It’s army green colour and style is one to die for.  I copped this one from, can I say obsessed?If you know me, you know  I love swimwears, hoarding them is one of the things I do best. My husband always ask, don’t you have enough swimwears? but then he goes quiet because he knows the answer to that rhetorical questions  already. 😂

 It’s always a good experience shopping online at boohoo, they have so many unique stuff and the prices are pretty reasonable. 

Check it out.. Let me know if you are living for this swimwear like I am ☺️

Xo- SKay ​


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