5 feel good habits to form for greater well being

5 feel good habits to form for greater well being



Hey Lovelies. Taking care of ones self doesn’t necessarily mean spending money buying the latest shoes, or the latest too faced eye shadow palette.Sometimes we ought to forget about the material and just focus on the inner as well as the outer.

Here are 5 feel good habit to form:


I don’t care what kind of exercise you want to do. Just do something. Walking , running, swimming, dancing. Whatever you can do, do it. Exercising is necessary to our bodies. I feel my best when I get an hour of activity in. I got myself a fitness and sleep monitor. Best decision of my life. It tracks my activities for the day. I use it to set goals that I want to reach at the end of each day. It motivates me more than anything because I am more determine when I have something to work towards, that’s where my motivation comes from.

Drink more water

Water is the source of life. That’s no secret. Without water we just cant function the way our bodies should. Get yourself a sippy bottle, carry it around with you. I walk around with a big 1.5 litre bottle everyday. It’s on my desk while I work. Once again that bottle purchase is yet another best thing I’ve ever done. It helps me to drink more and very often.

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snack on fruits, yogurt and vegetables

Over a month ago I made a decision. I was the never the kind to eat fruits and vegetables. I hated vegetables (to date I still force myself to eat them) but I am doing way better now than then. I ate fruits occasionally. Now I have made it a point of duty to cut out snacking on chips and replace that with fruits, yogurt and vegetables

Practice Kindness

It doesn’t take anything to be kind to people. It absolutely takes more energy to be mean to someone. In a world like today, It’s so necessary that we be each others keeper. I promote being the best version of ones self. Looking and feeling my best is everything to me.

Mental Cleanse

Ladies and Gentlemen, a mental cleanse  provides benefits to your mind and spirit. Eliminate negative or unproductive inner chatter, It’s much harder than saying it but I know it can be done. Anything that adds noise and conflicting ideas to your mind, and creates clutter to the extent that the mind is unable to focus upon a goal, much less take steps to achieve its desired objectives must go. Start by analyzing yourself and surroundings.

Well I hope you enjoyed this read.

Have a fantastic week.



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