10 Things that didn’t matter before Instagram

10 Things that didn’t matter before Instagram


I was reading an article on bustle.com. The article was basically talking about the things that didn’t matter to a lot of people before Instagram, which a lot of them made sense to me. It made me wonder or try to think back on what life was like before social media and man, did I think long and hard.

Fact is social media is here to stay and quite frankly our children’s children  probably won’t know a world without it. So here are 10  things that didn’t matter or probably never existed before instagram.

10. Finding the best light source in the room.

I mean where ever you go someone wants to take a photo or a selfie and ofcourse there’s no great photo without proper lighting. yass!


9. Pictures with Inspirational Quotes.

lol.. this one. OMG, everyone has become a Martin Luther King or a Maya Angelou. The competition of who has the most inspirational or most classic caption is now everything.


8.What You Look Like With No Makeup 

In a world filled with ladies and even men obsessing over make up it’s a thing now to prove to the world that, Hey. I look good with or  without make up so you take a million selfies from different angles to get the best one to prove to your followers. (I laughed while writing this)


7. Faux Fur ThrowsCasutumblr_o1ljs4loeP1qzh0vno1_1280.jpg

Bustle mentioned this one in their article and I’m pretty guilty lol I gush over “faux fur rugs, throws, whatever it is in faux fur, I want it. hahaha






6. Gtumblr_o0rn2wbBi01st3shto1_1280.jpgreen Juice 

Some of them clearly tastes like .. sh*t but we still blend them and post them on instagram any way lol.




5. What you wear to the gym

Before IG: Leggings and a T-shirt, Now: Fancy leggings, joggers, tank tops and sport bras


4. Body Tan

Before IG: The Sun. Now: Spray Tan



3.  Marble tumblr_o283aac5w41qmz1tjo1_500.jpgeverything

From counter tops , Macbook case, phone cases (Marble has really become a thing)






2. Hashtags

#That876life #Nofilter #Instafunny #Instajoke  lol



And I don’t mean baking a cake. I mean baking your face lol. Highlight and set that face. Bake that face thank’s to Kim Kardashian.





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Images were taking from tumblr. Sure to tag so I can give credit.






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