2015 Year in review, here’s what I’ve learnt

2015 Year in review, here’s what I’ve learnt


Hi sweethearts, in today’s blog I want to reflect on some of the things I’ve learnt in 2015. It has been a great year for me. My best year yet. I’m so grateful for all accomplishments. I consider myself blessed because I can’t believe I’ve accomplished so much this year, to some people this is very tiny compare to what offers have accomplished but I’m not watching anybody’s life but mine. 

Here’s what I’ve learnt in 2015

A private life is a happy life  54cd95fad26bfca6090c081f069595d8.jpg

 I’ve always known this but now that I’m even more mature I’m coming to the realization that being too public especially with your private affairs can do more harm than good. I’ve seen somethings on social media and I’m like, nope, that’s not how I want my life to be. Putting your person affairs out there to the public welcomes too much unnecessary and unwanted attention.


Everyone has an opinion image2.jpg

Everyone wants to have an opinion about how or what you do with yourself. Ask them to stay out of it. First they will try and talk you out of it, then they will talk about you, and then they will ask you how you did it. So do what you think is best for you.



Social media is a frontil_570xN.413328235_khxp.jpg

Don’t go selling your soul all for the hype just to have millions of followers, Losing your standards and stepping on your morals all for likes. You can be influenced to walk naked just for likes and fame.  Some people pretend to be living a great life and having the perfect man when behind closed doors he’s beating the shit of them. Don’t be that person. Don’t let social media fool you. Not all that glitters is gold.


Love yourself even when others don’t find you so appealing. 

LoveYourself1_0With all the fakeness that are happening around us, it is easy to forget who we are. It is important that we never lose sight of who we are. You don’t have to get lip injections or lip fillers just because you want to look like Kylie Jenner. I see so many of these young women who rose to fame through youtube and otherwise  doing all kinds of stuff to themselves… where is the self love?  It’s more than the physical. Love who you are.


Just begin no matter the situation, just start.. JustStart.jpg

Listen, If it is one thing that I’m really happy about is that I started this blog and my youtube channel, it was something I’ve always wanted to do and this year I kicked it off. I started out with a painted room,  desk, mic and a web cam. I’m just putting in my 10,000 hours.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and now here I am. I’m all about doing what I love and starting something, If I fail that’s alright the best feeling is knowing I tried.


What have you learnt this year (2015)? Share with me






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