Blonde babe revelation 

Everyone’s been asking. Did you perm your hair again? Why does it look like that. Well, No I haven’t permed my hair.   All I’ve done is colour, blowout and styled with a flatiron. I pretty much coloured my hair, myself.  I have a youtube video coming soon on the process, so look out for that. I’m still not wear I want to be where the colour is concerned so this is a work in progress.

I had to cut my hair. It was inevitable. The ends were pretty damaged and thin my hairdresser said, so I went in with scissors. Actually I’m a sucker for short hair. I’ve tried to grow it out but I just keep going back to the short look, I may end up going shorter too. After the first cut I just always find myself cutting my life away. lol

I’ve been getting some really good feedback and on the colour and the cut. What do you guys think?

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