Dream Home Obsession Part 1

Dream Home Obsession Part 1



I’ve always been obsessed with beautiful houses and home decor. I’ll find myself going through pinterest and tumblr, scrolling through picture, drooling over some of these amazing homes. I even follow Interior design pages on instagram. Does that explain my obsession enough?

I was going through my Google plus timeline and I saw this page “Granite Guy” they shared a couple of pictures of  Kitchen designs and boy do they have my attention.  I tell my husband all the time that I want a big ass kitchen, a walk in closet and a home office inside our dream house. I’ll be a happy little lad if I mean when that dream comes through but for now, I’ll continue to dream on these awesome photos and gather my own ideas.

For the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting home/decor ideas.. Living room, Bathroom, Dining Area.. etc…

Here are some of these awesome pictures of really awesome Kitchens. Yasss!


All these photos are taken from Granite Guy Google + page.beautiful-kitchens_white-leather-bar-stool-white-gloss-kitchen-chimney_white-granite-countertops_double-pendant-lamp_glass-kitchen-windows_texture-wooden-kitchen-flooring.jpg



Granite Kitchen Countertops.jpg

What is your obsession, Do you like these?


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