High Bun, Red lips | Fall Makeup look


I can’t lie, I’m a makeup junkie I clearly love the art way too much and I absolutely love a stunner Red lip. This lippie I’m wearing is “Frisky” from the LA Girl matte pigment gloss line. I have been having all kinds of thoughts. I am not a makeup artist or anything like that. I simply learned to do my own makeup by practicing and watching numerous amount of youtube videos. Lately I’ve been thinking about getting certified in makeup artistry. Just another thing to add to my name.

My beliefs are that if you love something, go for it, be your best and just be great at it. I’ve grown so much over the years and I just embracing every bit of. This high bun turned out to be awesome and everyone kept complimenting on how great it looks. I’ve had a few requests on it so I will probably do a youtube video and let you all see how I achieved it, so look out for that. I could also do a youtube makeup video on this look. Let me know if you would like to see that. Don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and keep up with me. Subscribe here





How do you like this look, tell me. I’m all over social media. come say hi. 🙂

until next time.


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