Top 5 Favourite Apps on my iPhone 6

Hello lovelies,

I have so many apps on my iphone 6 it’s ridiculous and I may not use all of them very often but some how I still want them there, is that weird? nah.. I don’t think so, perhaps a lot of you guys do that too, maybe buying things you don’t need or just downloading apps you probably won’t use at all. I’m certainly one of those people.

Here are my top 5 apps I use most frequently iPhone 6:


Pinterest – Listen, can we talk about pinterest? Pinterest is therapy for me. I love to just go there and browse and pin and get ideas etc. It’s my go to place for absolutely everything. My absolute favourite


Snapchat – Yassss! I’m a snapper, Snapchat is one of my favourite place right now. I be snapping and watching other people’s snaps. It’s really really cool. At first I didn’t understand it but now I’m bossing and such.. lol.


The Home Depot (Project Color) – Let me tell you a little something about this app. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m home decor obsessed, always looking for ways to jazz up and improve our home. I was watching a tv series one evening and I saw it advertised and I was like, wait you have to get this app on your phone. It matches paint color for you. See it, Match it, find it. I think it is brilliant. You can just snap a picture of the room you would like to paint and you can literally find colors to choose from. It magically allows you to choose the color, paste the color to the walls in the photo and voila! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Go check it out guys!


Facetune – If you want flawless selfies, this is the app for that. I think I bought it for $4. I don’t quite remember but if you wanna smooth those acne out in a picture. This is the answer.


Google+ – Yass! Google plus is my place too. I love everything about it.Tops Facebook for me, any day.

Those are my top 5. What are yours right now? comment, tweet me. which ever you choose. oh and don’t forget to follow me, I’m almost everywhere on social media 🙂

until next time.. xo


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