NYX Matte Lipstick Swatches

Let me first say that I am obsessed with all things makeup! Here’s my confession “Hi, My name is Shana-Kay and I’m a makeup junkie. I’m also a natural hair product obsessed junkie too but I’ll get into that some other time.”I bought these 5 lippies sometime ago, Street credit, Temptress, Siren,Whipped Caviar and Aria.  I must admit that I really love the NYX brand. I think they produce fairly good stuff and these lippies are one of the great produce.

My favourite of the 5 is ‘Aria’ which looks amazing on me by the way and I don’t have to retouch through out the entire day either. There’s also the the whipped caviar that is a mauve,neutral color that I love too. The others I haven’t really worn yet. Seen as we are now entering the Autumn season and for my international followers (Fall Season) I think I’ll be rocking ‘Siren” which is like a deep wine color.

Overall, I like them and they have variety to fit all complexion. Go check them out here..

Comment and let me know which is your favorite and if you’ve ever tried the NYX brand

#BeBold #BeTrue #BePeachy



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