Have you been drinking enough water?

Water is the source of life! It truly is. Listen, I’ve gotten into the habit of drinking water constantly. When I’m at work, I always have a bottle of water at my desk and you know what that does? It promotes me drinking more often when it is in sight, especially since I started working out 8 months now. However, I have committed myself to drinking the desired water I need daily. I may slack off sometimes but I keep trying to to break into the habit of making it apart of my healthy lifestyle routine.


Sometimes we may feel a lack in energy, but  it may be because we lack the desired water we need to keep going on a daily basis.  Whenever I drink the desired amount of water, my skin becomes radiant, It just glows. Body looking like milk? like Ludacris said and  ‘Flawless’ like Beyonce said in her song. lol

Hydration is key though.  Instead of drinking those sodas and artificial juices, drink more water, it will do you good. Develop the habit of exercising and drinking enough water. I know alot of people struggle with weight and not being comfortable with their body. I’m here to tell you, stop feeling sorry for yourself and start doing something to change the situation your’e in. Start by doing routine exercises and drinking lots of water as well as changing your diet, cut down on those fatty foods and start eating your fruits, vegetables and wheat.

Someone once wrote, take are of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.

#BeBold #BeTrue #BePeachy



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