Simple but chic look by SKay

Simple but chic look by SKay

You know that saying, “You don’t have to be naked to look good or to be sexy?” Well I think this is the true definition of that. Fully clothed but still turning heads. I’ve found myself dressing simpler these days, I guess style changes comes with age lol. After all, all you need to do is pair what you have properly, put some jewelry on and there you have it. These days this is my go to look; tanks tops, T-shirt, jeans, some accessories and of course face beat with make up and I’m out the door.

This is a simple look for errands, social link up with friends or road trip kind of vibe.

Keep scrolling for outfit details






Top : Maxie Department Store

Jeans: Somewhere, I can’t remember

Shoes: Forever21

Jewelry: Forever 21 and Maxie Department Store

#BeBold #BeTrue #BePeachy


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