The Review: Ys Falls St. Elizabeth Jamaica

The Review: Ys Falls St. Elizabeth Jamaica

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Welcome Sign!

Ys Falls is located in the parish of St. Elizabeth. I’ve always wanted to visit  but it just didn’t come to pass until now. When we arrived at the first entrance where we saw the sign, we parked the cars and grabbed our things because we were told that we’ll have to park in the parking lot provided.We then paid the entrance fee and from there the tractors will take us to heaven.


It took us about 15 mins to get to the location,as we were traveling we admired the greenery of the lands and the river flowing at the right of us. When we finally arrived, we just had to stop and take in the serenity of this place, such a beautiful and peaceful place. The scenery is something to behold, really eye catching and to me nothing beats a clean environment. We then found a cozy spot to lounge and unload our things.


We walked around after changing into our swim clothes, take some pictures, socialize and just soak up how beautiful this place is. Upon arriving the person at the front told us that the water was dirty because of the heavy rains that fell the day before,so we didn’t bother to go into the water.


We had it in mind that we would try ziplining and boy can I tell you, I’ve done some fun things this summer but I declare hands down that this experience was the best, OMG I can’t begin to explain the thrill. the adrenaline rush was no joke but we totally  enjoyed it though. All 5 lines came with their different experiences, not sure if i’d do it again..but I can say that’s one of my bucket list. It’s a very nice place for Family events, weddings, liming etc.


It wasn’t an expensive trip, it was quite one to fit into a good budget.

The Cost: Entrance fee : $900 JMD –  $2320 JMD Zipline and we car pooled and split the gas expense and each person catered to themselves where food and drinks were concerned.

So grab your friends or family and take a trip down to Ys Falls, you won’t be disappointed. Sure there’s room for improvement in terms of having more fun things to do but I’m sure it will only get better.

For more visual details of my trip. Head to my youtube channel.. (Skay so peachy)


Zipline View of One of the Pools!

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