The Review: Irie River Ocho Rios 

The Review: Irie River Ocho Rios 


This is such a beautiful place. When we came to the sign that said “Irie River”  there was a beautiful garden that greeted us. To get to this little spot it was quite a little distance from the garden that greeted us when we first entered.  Upon driving down, we noticed the roadway wasn’t all that properly constructed so the ride was a little bit bummy going down. We could also see the river flowing while looking down from the road way. When we got to the spot, we parked and exit the bus, took our stuff out, the gentleman came out and he welcomed us. We then paid 700 JMD to enter because we brought our own food and beverages. He said it would have been $500 if we had plan to purchase food on the inside because meals are prepared there.

We got our entrance bands then he ushered us to the tables that were reserved for us because we had someone call prior to our visit to inform them that we would be visiting. We put our things down, we then stopped to notice the environment, which was captivating. If you know me, you know I am a sucker for nature. I absolutely love it, obsessed even. The place was clean, no garbage was present. The bathrooms were also very clean and tidy. The staff were very welcoming.

We then changed into our swim clothes, but then came the heavy rain, Omg! it fell so hard and there was also thunder and lightening but that didn’t stop us from having a good time. We went into the water nonetheless and we played volleyball while it rained down on us until we decided to get out of the water because it became a bit dirty after all that rain fell. We took  games such as; ludo, dominoes and cards so while we waited until it was clear again we participated in those activities. Others just lounge around taking pictures of the beautiful scenery and also of themselves, you know a girl gotta take her “selfie” (lol)  and watch other people who were also present there swing and jump off into the water, it was a sight to see, you could tell they were enjoying themselves.

Overall I give Irie River a thumbs up so the next time you find yourself in Jamaica or in the Ocho rios area, make it a destination.We sure had a good time.

Feel free to tell me in the comments below of some of the places you’ve been to in Jamaica.

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Xo- Skay


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