Lifestyle | 20 ways to cheer yourself up when you are feeling down and out

There are days when we all feel a little down and we just want to crawl under the bed and stay there, but hey, put a smile on your face and check out 20 ways in which you could cheer yourself up.


1. Write down all the things you are grateful for

2. Get your hair/nails done add some make up take a few selfies ( that’s something I definitely do)

3. Get a massage

4. If you feel like crying, Cry – let it all out

5. Buy something you love or enjoy

6. Watch funny or inspirational videos on Youtube

7. Take a nap

8. Call your friends over

9. Let go of any negative thought

10. Stop comparing yourself to others

11. Pray

12. Take yourself to see a movie

13. If you love a clean environment- clean up,rearrange your room

14. Exercise- Go to the gym

15. Plan a day out or trip to somewhere, unwind a little

16. Find a new hobby, (e.g painting, blogging, baking, cooking)

17. Surround yourself with positive vibe and people

18. Get rid of all negative vibe and people

19. Read a book

20. Dance it out. Turn on your music, turn it up and just dance it out.

I hope these helped. Feel free to share with me how you go about cheering yourself up in the comment section below

Have a great week!

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