Keep The Relationship Alive With Date Nights 

It is so important that we never get bored or get complacent with our partners. There are times that you need to connect with each other. Date nights are one of the things that should be incorporated in your relationships.  Put away the phones, talk, eat, drink, enjoy each others company. This is one way you can interact with each other, especially if you both lead busy lives. Find out how each others day was, plan things that involves what you both love and enjoy, you’ll find that it keeps you grounded and reminded why you both fell in love in the first place.

Schedule date nights.  Keep the love alive.

Raspberry Mojito
Finger foods
Chocolate Martini and Red Stripe Beer

 #BeBold #BeTrue #Bepeachy



2 thoughts on “Keep The Relationship Alive With Date Nights 

    1. I am sure your girlfriend love you very much. I wouldn’t think it’s anything personal if she takes the phone up and constantly wants to capture the moments you two are sharing. I think in that case, despite always wanting to take a selfie, you have her attention totally on so many other levels.


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