Lotta Body Moisture Me Curl & Style Milk With Coconut & Shea Oils


lottabody_curl&style milk

he Product right is is the TRUTH. I am absolutely In love with it, obsessed even.

It Defines curls. Tame frizz. Add lots of moisture & brilliant shine.

I usually use it after I cowash my hair but it can be used on dry hair too. I distribute it evenly through my hair with my fingers from root to ends.

Main Ingredients  Water, Shea butter, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol and parfum. It contains both natural and manmade properties. Contains coconut oil and shea oils which is very beneficial to your hair.

It is packaged In a 8fl oz which has a pump which makes it so very easy to use. It is thick and white. Very gentle on hands. The smell of it is refreshing, the scent is strong so if you aren’t too keen when it comes to strong smells then this may not be for you, may trigger allergies.  But overall it is an amazing product and the price isn’t bad, I think I paid 550 JMD for it.

This is the result of the Lotta Body Moisture Me Curl & Style Milk  with Coconut and Shea Oils.  

If you decide to try it, drop me a comment of your thoughts.

One Love – Skay


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