DIY – Hair Colour Change 

Soooo, I decided to switch up my hair colour. I’ve been really missing my black hair lately so I decided to go back. All black everything’ 🎶 I think Jay-z wrote that 😌. Anyway I did the colour all by myself. I bought all that I needed and I went ahead with it.

This was the colour before I went black.

1. I used Creme of Nature Box Colour

2. I used a coconut conditioner to line the edges of my hair then I sectioned my hair in 4.

3. Mixed the product, shaked the ingredients together.

4. I started to apply all over.

5. After I finished applying, I sat around for 30 minutes.

6. I then used warm water to wash the dye out.  I rinsed until the water ran clear.

7. Applied my hydration shampoo. Lathered my hair 3 times.

8. Applied Creme of Nature intensive conditioner, it came in the box.

9. Combed it through.

10. Applied my Argan oil. Sectioned my hair with fat twists, and allowed it to dry overnight.

Finishing look 

My hair has grown so much though. 11 months natural and counting. I’ve been taking these vitamins over a week. The Mane Choice. I think it’s been working for me.  I’ll do a review on it soon.

You have one life to live. 

Love it well! 

One love -Skay


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