Women aren’t the only ones who suffer from insecurities, men do too.

Though  sometimes men pretend  they have it all together but most times they don’t. It is proclaimed that men don’t worry about the same things women do, but note that the male ego is very fragile. They’ll play tough but truth is, they are a little emotional.

Here are common insecurities men are faced with :


 The ability to care for and support their mate has been a measure of manliness since time.There’s no denying that material wealth is attractive, even if the woman in question isn’t a gold digger. So men they struggle with having to take care or try to please a woman by showing some sort of stability. Money has always been the thing, too broke, basic job, living pay check to paycheck, as Jamaican’s would say, “Hand to Mouth” . They worry about being able to find a woman who will be okay with taking a taxi to the movies or to find a woman who is about the simple life and who will be okay with him not being rich.


Sexual Ability

Sex causes a great deal of anxiety in men. They obsess over how they measure up to a woman’s past lover. They are forever worried about if they are pushing too hard for the sex or when to expect sex. In their mind , tonnes of questions, Oh God, Did i get off too quickly? Did she cum? Is she enjoying it? Is she faking it?


PENIS –  They worry about their penis size, yes they do. They think about , if it’s too small, too big, satisfying enough, they worry how women will react to the size of their penis. Will she laugh at me, will she run away from me? Does she like circumcised, curve , straight, all these things are concerns them.

Facial/Body Features 

They care about how they look, they worry about not being attractive enough, not 5dcc56694b0b45d6941b00c6bb6b92bbbeing easy on the eyes. If a woman will find them attractive. Am I handsome? Do I wear this shirt or outfit well? Is my hair too tall or too low? Am I too fat ? Should I go to the gym and get muscles?

So ladies, don’t be too hard on them poor fellas go through  insecurities too, maybe even worse. Try and be their support, once the communication is opened then you should be able to communicate with him and find ways how you can help your partner to get pass his insecurities and become confident.

Xo -Skay


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