This App Is so BOMB ! Have you tried it?

So recently I saw a bunch of celebrities posting animated versions of themselves on Instagram.  Several videos of them dancing or singing. I recently got myself and iPhone 6 and I am totally in love with it. I was always a Samsung kind of girl, but I decided to switch things up bit, and man! I am LOVING IT.

Anyway,  I learned that this app was only available to iPhone users, so I decided to give it a try, and boy I tell you, I am OBSESSED with it! Everyone has been asking me what’s the name of the app I used to create the videos and pictures I posted on my Instagram and Facebook.

The name of this app is “My idol”  . This app scans your face and literally captures your features. How cool is that? This animated person looks exactly like I do. You can change the outfit, eyes, hair, and even eye wear. Like really, How cool is that?  If you have an iPhone then go on, check it out! 


Abs on FLEEK! lol


Go on now, give it a try !

xo -Skay


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