Get Over Yourselves, It’s More Than Just The Bass.


I’ve seen this picture floating around Instagram and Facebook with some having disturbing captions and I’m wondering why are these  women are so bitter towards the woman and man in this pic? What’s wrong with how she looks and that a man is holding her? What women should do is take the time to actually do some soul searching, obviously she knows how to keep her man despite her size.

Problem is, people focus too much on the outer rather than the inner. You need to realize that attractiveness runs more than skin deep. It isn’t about the nice shape, flat chest, big butt, long hair, contoured face and I could go on and on. It is about substance, what do you bring to the table besides your “looks” ?  Ask yourself these questions, Am I loyal? Can I communicate? Can I cook, Can you clean? Am I ambitious ? Can I take care of a Family? Can someone be proud of me? Am I a good friend? Do I have a good personality? …. Do a little self check, okay?! refocus your focus.

Straight up! women has got to start waking up and realize that looks only get you so far and that some men don’t care how pretty you are or how fat your ass and boobs are, if you don’t make them happy, if you’re not more than just your body then you won’t last.

I’ve listened to men talk and I’ve read articles, and books etc.. with regards to attractive women and how they much they lack substance. A  man wants a woman who will stand by him and with him, a man with values, dreams and goals. It isn’t about the money and the high maintenance life style. First you need to evaluate yourself, work on being a “good woman”. So many women want a good man but they aren’t prepared for him when he comes along. My advice , focus on yourself. Worry about your life. Stop judging people, stop judging women and their size.Most times we focus so much on fighting against one another as women than working with each other, and uplifting each other.

Women should strive to empower each other. Stop making major deals over PLUS size women. We weren’t all born to be skinny. Fat, slim ,thick, petite, we are all beautiful women.

Shout out to good women with respectable values, may we know them, may we raise them, may we be them!

One Love -Skay


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  1. April 30, 2015 / 3:31 pm

    Well said my dear well said

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