Jada and Will Smith

Jada and Will Smith

At times, your relationship will be tested; you may fight, and you may have falling outs, but at the end of the day, you know this person will pick up the phone regardless of what your current situation is.

This person is your “ride-or-die”, the one who will stand next to you  and the one who has become a part of your family.

This is your person, and the bond between the two is solid.

1. She’s not feeding you bullsh*t; she’s feeding you the truth.

2. She’s not indulging your bad behaviors; she’s actually saving you from them.

3. She’s not getting jealous of your success; she’s celebrating your accomplishments.

4. She’s not telling you that awful outfit looks good; she’s telling you to size up.

5. She’s not fighting with you; she’s fighting for you.

6. She’s not letting you rest on your laurels; she’s encouraging you to reach your potential.

7. She’s not spending all your money ; she’s helps you to manage it.

8. She’s not telling you what you want to hear; she’s telling you what you need to hear.

9. She’s not judging your spending habits; she’s just trying to make you more financially responsible.

10. She’s not telling you to quit your job; she’s trying to get you to recognize you need a better one.

11. She’s not forcing you to change who you are; she’s helping you change the way you see yourself.

12. She not just asking your opinion; she’s genuinely interested in it.

One love -Skay


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