Now, if you think about it from a logical perspective, then you’ll realize that we will never be ready no matter how much we try to put things in place, in order to be ready. We will never be ready for: marriage, children, vacation, going to school, buying a car, buying a house, starting a business..etc and I could go on for days.

There are too many uncertainties in this life, you’ll never know the outcome until you make a move.  At times the risks that comes with making moves, turns out to be an experience that molds us into who we are, preparing us for bigger things ahead.

Listen, sometimes you have to jump off that cliff and on your way down you figure out how you will land. I’m not saying go out and be careless, I’m saying do something, be something.  You can achieve all you desire to achieve. I know some of us has financial problems, but money doesn’t stop a dream, the lack of ambition and determination those are the biggest dream stoppers. Get up, get dressed, do something.

Take charge of your life and your happiness. The time is NOW

You have one life to live!

Live it well!

One love -Skay  🙂


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