So at the end of 2014 I decided that one of my goals for 2015 is to get fit and live a healthier life. It is important that we take fitness, and our health more seriously. When I started on this journey the main reason wasn’t about weight loss, it was about:

  •  Controlling my body weight.
  • Optimizing the cardiovascular system.
  • Strengthening my muscles.
  • Improving my mental health.
  • Improving my body’s consumption of oxygen.
  • Improving my blood circulation.
  • Increasing my endurance.

Since I’ve started the Gym in January 2015, I have seen so many improvements in my body. I look better and I absolutely feel better. One of the best decisions I’ve made for my body and health. I attend the Gym 4 days a week and it includes, aerobic exercises and weight lifting.

Some advice when you start an exercise program

    • Remember why you started – People start exercising for many reasons: weight loss, health, vanity, the doctor told them to, and to recover from an illness. Keep remembering why you started as this will help keep you motivated.
    • Do everything at your own pace- Humans tend to be competitive animals. This is great for the winner, and those who come second or third. However, being competitive in the wrong way can kill motivation. If you have to compete, compete with your past self. Compare your performance today with your performance in two weeks’ time. Check your weight, heart rate, blood pressure – then take it again in about three weeks and see the difference.
    • You have to like it – For long-term success the activity has to be something you enjoy. There are so many activities to choose from. Perhaps there is an activity you really enjoyed when you were a child.
    • Join a club with a friend- If you join a fitness club with a friend, or exercise with a friend you may enjoy the sessions more. Some people prefer not to have the stress of someone else around. This depends on you.
    • Variation – Every few weeks change your exercise program. This is important for your motivation and also for best results. The body improves faster if you change your program now and again. This does not mean you have to change walking/running to something else. It could mean changing your speed and distance, and pacing yourself in a different way, perhaps altering your route.
    • Be realistic about your goals – Some people are motivated by goals, others find them stressful. If you need goals make sure they are realistic – and work towards them.
    • The longer you keep it up the longer you will continue to do it – After a few weeks your exercise routine starts to become a habit. Even if you find it a bit of a chore at first, remember that after a few weeks it will really become a habit.

     Get started, take charge of your health. Healthier body, Longer life!

You have one life to live! 

Live it well!

One Love -Skay


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