Everyone should have a bucket list. If you are an ambitious and goal oriented person, then you should have a bucket list prepared.

What is a bucket list?  A Bucket list  is a list with  a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.

I have so many things on my bucket list. This list consist of places I want to visit and things I’d like to do over a number of years. I am a very ambitious person, I see myself as more than just average, and because of that I work extremely hard to make the things I want become a reality. You should strive to be more than just average, strive to enjoy, and to see the finer things in life. Some of these things don’t have to be out of our budget, sometimes they are the simplest of things.

I don’t  know where to start but here are a few of them, places I’d like to visit and things I’d like to do.

Blue Mountain Peak Hike

Blue Mountain Peak (found on

Blue Mountain Peak (found on

Zipline Canopy tour

Zipline Canopy tour (found on

Zipline Canopy tour (found on

Disney World: No matter how old I am, I still want to see the famous Disney World.

Walt Disney ( Found on disneyworld tumblr

Walt Disney ( Found on disneyworld tumblr

Wine Tasting : Wine, Wine, Wine, and more wine!

Wine Tasting. I really want to go wine tasting.

Wine Tasting. I really want to go wine tasting. I love wine, I can’t help it

Costa Rica : I have heard so much good things about Costa Rica

Costa Rica (Found on pinterest)

Costa Rica (Found on pinterest)

Mexico:  I definitely want to see Mexico, brush up on my Espanol 🙂


Mexico- (Found on Pinterest)

Have fun creating your bucket list.

You have one life to live! 

Live it well!

One Love -Skay


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