It’s the weekend guys and I know some of us, like myself, enjoy using our weekends to have fun and live a little. 

Here are 4 things you could do this weekend : 

1.  Trip to the Beach with your family or your friends. 

found on instagram .com : Sandy Bay Hanover

2. Visit the movies, as you know Furious 7 (The Last Ride) is out and still in the theatres, if you haven’t seen it yet, you absolutely should.  

Furious 7: One. Last Ride

3. If you are in Jamaica, rafting is one of those things you would absolutely enjoy.  

found on google.com : My friends Rafting

4. Eat out, there are chill spots available everywhere, find one, choose something you’ve never had before, have a beer. Enjoy the evening. 

Triple Century Sports Bar -Kingston

Have A Great Weekend Guys ! 

You Only Have One Life To Live.

Live It Well!

One love- Skay 


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