Uncorked Jamaica🍷 + Cheese 🧀 and Food

Uncorked Jamaica🍷 + Cheese 🧀 and Food

New Year beautiful people!

Last week I celebrated my birthday with my incredible husband. I’m so grateful to be alive and well. I accomplished a lot in 2017, things I didn’t even foresee suddenly happened. I have to say I am indeed blessed and highly favored buy God through his son Jesus Christ.

My husband took me to this beautiful Resturant by the name of Uncorked located in Kingston Jamaica. The moment I walked into that place I knew I would have enjoyed it. The ambiance was everything. Wine and wood everywhere. I’ve come to love seeing wood decor, it makes me feel as though I walked into a place Chip and Joanna Gaines decorated (you get it if you watch HGTV and Fixer Upper all day everyday lol) .

Our waitress for the night was extremely helpful and kind to us. She briefed us on both the food and wine menu. I usually go for sweet wine, I’m not one to drink to the point where I lose myself. Two glasses and that’s it for me. We got the opportunity to sample the different wines on the menu, ofcourse I chose Zagara and Ruffino after the recommendations were made by a fellow waitress at the Resturant. He indeed made a wonderful recommendation, I enjoyed them both.

I’d definitely go back there. Next time I may go there in the afternoon with a book and just chill. It’s that type of scene 🙂



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