Don’t be Envious, Be Inspired 

Don’t be Envious, Be Inspired 

ceramic-fashion-creative-abstract-flower-vase-pot-home-decor-craft-room-decoration-handicraft-porcelain-tea-coffee-sets-figurine With social media being heavily saturated with relationship goals, friendship goals, travel goals, wealth,  goals, body/lifestyle goals and so much more. All of these “Goals” right in front of us can easily become dawning and then feelings of wanting something that someone else has creep into our hearts. With everything always being all up in our faces due to social media, be reminded that not all that glitters is gold. My mom always told me that      from a young age.

Sometimes it’s necessary to do a social media cleanse. One where you just log out, delete the apps from your devices and conduct some real introspection of ones self. Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed and depressed because all you can think about is Jane’s hot new body and the new shoes her husband gifts her every week or the new Bugatti John bought for his birthday. Instead of becoming depressed and envious, how about you log off Instagram, get yourself a book that teaches you how to become successful?. No one acknowledges the hard work Jane puts in at the gym, when you’re there eating 4 pieces of pizza at 10 p.m in at night. No one acknowledges that John works until 12 midnight to build his company and now he can afford to buy a Bugatti for his birthday. Get up of your ass and go after your dreams, you want a hot body, change your diet & hit the gym.You want a Bugatti, go work your butt off and make your dreams a vision, turn that negative whitetextures_KrakvikDOrazi.jpgenergy into something positive for your life.Let what you see on social media  inspire you to actually get up and do the work .

Kevin Hart was named the highest paying comedian in the world, how do you think he achieved that, surely not by sitting on his ass and pining over what someone else has accomplished in their career, that man show out and he puts the work in.  So many times we want the outcome but refuse to put it the work, then become envious of the person who actually do what is necessary to reach their goal. Other times all we see is the results and not the consistent effort, late nights and little sleep that was put into the dream in order to yield the rewards today.

Instead of being envious,be happy for other people’s success.Use their life as an inspiration. Remember, everything in life that has value is a product of consistency. You can’t reap the fruits if there was no labour.

Have a great week everybody!


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