Red Hot Illinois Sporty Scoop Cross Back Swimsuit 

Red Hot Illinois Sporty Scoop Cross Back Swimsuit 

I think I’ve said this before but Boohoo has fast become my favorite online store of all times. They have everything I ever need in one place and that’s why I’m pretty much obsessed with them. For the curvy ladies, is the place to shop, as a matter a fact, they cater to various sizes.

I’m a size 10 in their tops, bodysuits etc and I usually go for large in dresses that doesn’t come with a number.  I  measure my body before purchasing stuff on line, I ensure I get the size of my bust, waist and hips most of all and match against their size chart. Usually, I’m always on point with the accuracy. I copped this swimsuit from them and listen, I am obsessed! I mean literally. Everything about this swimsuit is HOT FIRE 🔥Everything!

It’s red and has a plunging neckline exposing a bit of the boobs but just enough to not look like a Thot lol. I’m loving swimsuits where the bikini line cut is high.. I’m not sure if I’m explaining that right. The high cut makes it even more fire than anything else. The back has a deep cut right down to the lower back which is on point as well.

Check it out below: here

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