Jouer Cosmetics 

Jouer Cosmetics 

I’ve been obsessing over my recent purchase. Some of my favourite youtubers has been raving about the Jouer Cosmetics lip toppers and long wear lip cremés. Ofcourse they automatically got to me interested because everyone knows by now that I’m a makeup junkie. 

Last month I hopped on to their website, anticipating the release of the new shades of Lip Cremé and they also released the new Lip Topper called Tan Line, I have to say I’m not disappointed with my purchase at all.  I got Tan Line, Skinny Dip and Dahlia.

Th packaging is to die for and the smell, OMG! If they smelled any better I’d probably find myself biting into my lip for Heaven’s sake. The way they glide on, I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase. I literally find myself wearing them every chance I get. They are certainly longwearing. I have worn them for hours and they just sit on my lips longer than Hurricane Matthew took to pass by Jamaica (lol) 

Check them out below..



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