Friendship Goals

Friendship Goals


I’ve always heard the words “No man is an Island, No man stands alone”.This speaks to me because no matter how much we think we are independent and don’t need anyone, we actually do, we need families and we need friends.

People these days have a totally different meaning of what it means to be someone’s friend or best friend.  There’s no loyalty, no keeping in touch, no genuine happiness is being shown towards you when something major happen in your life. I consider friendship to be almost the same as being married to someone, the only thing you don’t do is sleep with them. I care so deeply about my friends that it really affects me when things aren’t going right.There are those of us who consider our real friends to be family, it’s more than just a hey, how are you? have a good day conversation.

The older I glarge.jpget the more I value the people around me and the things I truly want out of this life. I haven’t had the best of luck with friends at all and because of that I yearn a friendship so deep, and I don’t mean the kind I have with my husband. I mean one like Christina and Meredith;  maybe I’ve watched too much Grey’s Anatomy in my lifetime lol.. I am obsessed with this  friendship, though imperfect, very ideal to me (don’t judge me). For the 10 seasons they have demonstrated what true friendship is all about.   A best friend is someone you can hardly go a day without talking to.  The first person besides your husband you call to help you move the corpse after you’ve murdered someone (not literally) but you get the gist lol. Someone who has your back no matter what and loyal to the end. Someone you doesn’t change because they moved to another country or city. Someone you can let down your hair around without being judged. Someone that tells me straight up that I messed u and I need to fix it. Someone who lets me know if/when I’ve hurt their feelings without walking away and just begin to distant themselves without you even having a clue what’s that about.  It’s a dark cold world out there, If you find that person, keep them close. People change, life gets the best of us but don’t allow it to affect the relationships that means everything to you.



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