November. OMG! Is it really November?!

November. OMG! Is it really November?!

November !!!!


Jingle bells, jungle bells….. Can you believe it’s November already? we are 11 months into the year 2015.  Forty nice (49) days till Christmas.  Which means buying gifts for loved ones and receiving, fancy family dinners with lots and lots of food, parties, night comes down really early and lots of family stuff. oh God I’m getting excited by the thought of it.The holidays are my favorite time of year.

Have you started reflecting on the year 2015 yet? I have been since September lol.. this year has been so good to me. When it first begun I had no clue this is how It would turn out, it brought me to the realization that life is truly unpredictable.

I’ve already been thinking about year 2016. I wonder what it will bring,Greatness I hope, providing I am alive and well.

How will you be spending your Christmas holidays this year?



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